Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I love to making a resolution every new year, even I dont do it in the next year. I dont know, I just love ;p
So here there are.....

* Eat lots of vegetables ( yes, my mom and dad will be happy to hear this.
fyi, I just love to eat broccoli spinach and kangkung, poor me. )
* Exercise moreeeee! (I do need exercise)
* Shop moreeee, I hope in my new house I'll get a big closet, amin.
* Buy the 'new arrival' not the 'sale' (aku suka latah kadang liat yg sale -_-)
* Save money for an emergency time (uhmmmm kalo gitu shop less dong arrrrghh)
* Be a mature one (uh)
* Do a healthy diet
* No more sad thing called 'galaoooooooo'
* Pray 5 times a day
* Be a good daughter, bestfriend, and girlfriend (and enemy too ;p)
* Play hard, study hard
* My new house is finish
* Another 25th of september :p
* Buy a new gadget
* .....

Hmmm, oke itu dulu yah. I wanna go to bed and sleep (umm maybe I'll make a phone call first). Ok guys. see ya later!