Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hellooooo it's me again peopleeee!! Since I was busy with my school things, project things, girlfriends and also my annoyingbutlovely newbie, this blog is turning into a trash thing -_-. School things are suck, huh?! So, how's it going?

My life is good. Kinda suck sometimes, but that's life. Sometimes sweet like cupcakes,sour like lemon, or hot like chili :p. My relationship is getting harder everyday yeahh~~ (sorry newbie, I just want to tell the truth ;p) but I have to face it. Ummm, six months!!!! The longest relationship that I've ever had, really... Hmm and about my girlfriends, I just came back from my holiday with Elfa. Just 4 days but it's really cool. It's about
shop shop and shop!!

It's not real people, it's just a background :D

So, I think that's all. Actually I just want to tell you about my new background hehe. Cute, right? Riska told me how to fix this trash-y blog, so I made it cool with those floral background. Hmm okey people see ya later!