Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some random things.

June 16,
Aida's Birthday Party at Swiss Bell

So, hello June! I've been busy lately. School thingy of course. But, yeah I've passed those '7 days in sunny june' of exam. Yippie :D
What's new? hmm, finally I watched Toys story 3 today with elfa riska pem and bie :D. Such a greaaaaaaaaaat movie! And the music score! Ahhh I always heart Michael Giacchino!
And yes! I met my old friend from junior high school. She's Nafila from Kuala Lumpur. We miss her a lot :') Planning to have lunch on Sunday with our junior high classmate. I always love reunion thingy.
Actually, i'm a lil bit scare now. Friday will be a 'nervous day' ever! BAGI RAPOT. Errgh, wish me luck, please.... I'm not master in math, physic and others. So, hope I will get a best score for science. I'm begging you, God....

Okay, gonna watch some movies tonight. cant wait to see 'remember me', is that as good as the cast? well, let's see.. I'm gonna tell you later.
Wait, dont forget to'wish-me-luck' on Friday, people...
Goodnight! :)

psstt, this is one of my look.

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